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Top Albums of 2014

George & Johnathan - George & Johnathan III 

9/10 - fun, happy, energetic, positive, weird, romantic, & sassy!

       holy shit this is by far the best record i’ve heard all year. great collection of songs. nonstop energy, hardly any repetitive ideas, and continuous surprises. not too long, and not too short. each song gives you just enough of what you want, and a whole lot of what you don’t know you want until you hear it. the intro track is theatrical, but i find that I skip it when the album starts over. the intro is really great for the first listen, but idk i don’t enjoy it as much as the rest of the record. obviously that’s not a really bad thing, but whatever. this album I feel, will go in the books as a very inspirational chipmusic record that will have some sort of “Classic” feel to it (at least to me).

Little-Scale - Dream Boi (EP)

8.5/10 - ethereal, thoughtful, jumpy, clicky/snappy, beachy, & sexy

       I’ve known of little scale ever since I’ve been listening to chip music, and he’s always surprising me. this EP is definitely one of the neatest things i’ve heard on his discography. i guess it KINDA fades in with the types of sounds that are coming out on the rest of the internet with the whole Seapunk, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Experimental Hip Hop shit coming out nowadays; but Little Scale is such a fucking genius with sound design, he really gets me thinking hard when i listen to this. i feel  a sort of transcendence, or floating sensation when i listen to this record. it’s really inspired me and will be a favorite for a long time. Little-scale has released a LOT this year, but Dream Boi stays at the top as far as my favorite L-S releases for 2014 are concerned. Peaches the whale makes an appearance on this record bringing in some really fun choppy jungle beats and i think it’s timed VERY well. i doubt this record would have held up as well as it did to me if Peaches didn’t come to bring me a big surprise here. well played, chris.

Huoratron - Acid Reign (EP)

9/10 - Harsh, Nasty, Angry, Aggressive, Thrash, Mean.

        motherfucker comes in and kills it with this really fucked up EP “Acid Reign” holy shit. awesome sound design, perfectly mastered, and continually surprising. Fist pumping gnarly bass sounds, meaty fat kicks, squelchy high end synths, a huge sense of urgency and a lot of sweat. a very masculine album, but very well calculated and heavily thought out. a masterpiece in thrash techno. very inspiring to me right now. i wouldnt say that any of the sounds are particularly “new” sounding, since it’s definitely resemblant of past huoratron releases, but this EP really brings together all of the parts that i thought were falling apart on “Cryptocracy” although Cryptocracy is really great, parts of it dragged on and didn’t seem very important. this EP really comes in, smacks you in the face, and leaves before saying goodbye, or sorry. hella into it!

Onyx - #Wakedafucup

8/10 - Mobbing, angry, hip hop, intense

       I’ve been a huge fan of onyx since most of my influences introduced me to them. MSI’s Jimmy Urine has made many Onyx References and replaced the lyrics to I Hate Jimmy Page with the Lyrics from onyx’s “Shiftee”. Dev/Null also has used Sonne Seeza’s Verse from just that song and upon further research, I came upon my favorite rappers of all time. Onyx had a seemingly long Hiatus, and with Wakedafucup, you’d kidna think they would not be able to make a really SICK record; but holy shit, Wakedafucup is not only well done, but it’s fresh as fuck. Snowgoons aren’t my “favorite” producers, I mean, their beats are good and the scratching solos are really impressive, but I’m still gonna say that the production isn’t as NEW as i’d like it to be. even tho the beats sound somewhat “unimpressive”, Fredro Star and Sticky Fingaz really make this record fucking amazing. i’m down with it, and I listen to it a lot. the guest appearances aren’t really impressive since no one can compare the the majesty that is Sticky Fingaz, but they’re not bad. A$AP Ferg has my favorite guest vocal personally. 

Mr. Oizo - The Church

this one’s not out yet, but i’m really excited to hear it and i HOPE it’s on my list of fav albums this year. we’ll see. lambs anger had some good songs on it, but was kind of a shitty “album”. Stade 3 was neat and interesting and really forward-thinking, but obviously parts of it are relatively unlistenable and hard to replay. I really want to see mr Oizo hone in on the sounds that make him unique and take some time and create really dynamic songs that people have never heard before. Amicalement was cool but nothing really impressive in it. with the new single “Machyne” i’m excited to hear what’s gonna happen. 

not on this list for good reason:

Aphex Twin - Syro: loved it but meh as an album.

Beck - Blue Moon: Suck my dick beck… I Trusted you.

Die Antwoord - Donker Mag: IM A BIG FAN. Ninja is one of my favorite rappers, Yolandi is a bad bitch, and DJ Hi Tech brings some sickass beats. some great songs, but not such a great “album”. too much filler, and not enough readability with the obviously apparent “narrative”. idk Ninja has made so many records, that i can see where he just wants to put everything into an album, but idk there has to be more of a smooth transition from song to song for me. sorry.


Our 2 hour takeover of The Legion of Doom's show on RWD.FM is now up on Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/legionofdoomfm/lxd-27-grypt-takeover/Tracklist:Tool - 46 & 2 x Robert Hood - Alpha (The Beginning) / The Plague (Cleansing Maneuvers) [GRYPT mashup]Chu Ishikawa - Megatron (Tetsuo: The Iron Man OST)GRYPT - PUSH IT [Cover of Static X] (Human Traffic Remix)Mike Harding - Count Duckula ThemeAliceffekt - Pop In The Year 9000qebrµs - A rainy monday x Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses [GRYPT edit]The Ceremonial Dagger - Police State Mind (Ghost Triangulations Pre-release Version)Clipping. - StoryKorn - Here To Stay (T-Ray Mix Instrumental)Neil Cicierega - RollercloserCoil - The Hellbound Heart (Unreleased Theme for Hellraiser)James Ruskin - The Future that WasChristina Aguilera - The Beautiful People (Burlesque OST)∆AIMON - #1 Crush [Cover of Garbage]WMX - BelieveBRUXA - ONEDEADPVGVN - Heavenly Dead (Liar Resex)Fraunhofer Diffraction - Kvrt in SpaceOhgr & Mark Walk – Ratzez (Extended Descent 2 OST version)Otto Von Schirach - March Of The Dead InstrumentalDJ Skull Vomit - Swamp BitchKMFDM - Rabblerouser [edit]Bananasloth - Monster (The Meeting Of)ENDOR - Lord De Seis / Seal BrokenDottiR - Party like it’s 3001 (Instrumental)Dancu - ColomBadasswolfshirt - OuroborosVandalaze - DatavisionMarijuana Deathsquads - Tamper Disable DestroySurachai - 09 (Ritual)Signor Benedick the Moor - A2onalityABDU ALI - Machete WarzNero’s Day At Disneyland - Sable Leathery Wings [Cover of t.A.T.u.]Psychic Rites - SingularityMustard Pimp - Zombie Revenge⌘

Thrashhhh, get itttt


Our 2 hour takeover of The Legion of Doom's show on RWD.FM is now up on Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/legionofdoomfm/lxd-27-grypt-takeover/


Tool - 46 & 2 x Robert Hood - Alpha (The Beginning) / The Plague (Cleansing Maneuvers) [GRYPT mashup]
Chu Ishikawa - Megatron (Tetsuo: The Iron Man OST)
GRYPT - PUSH IT [Cover of Static X] (Human Traffic Remix)
Mike Harding - Count Duckula Theme
Aliceffekt - Pop In The Year 9000
qebrµs - A rainy monday x Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses [GRYPT edit]
The Ceremonial Dagger - Police State Mind (Ghost Triangulations Pre-release Version)
Clipping. - Story
Korn - Here To Stay (T-Ray Mix Instrumental)
Neil Cicierega - Rollercloser
Coil - The Hellbound Heart (Unreleased Theme for Hellraiser)
James Ruskin - The Future that Was
Christina Aguilera - The Beautiful People (Burlesque OST)
∆AIMON - #1 Crush [Cover of Garbage]
WMX - Believe
PVGVN - Heavenly Dead (Liar Resex)
Fraunhofer Diffraction - Kvrt in Space
Ohgr & Mark Walk – Ratzez (Extended Descent 2 OST version)
Otto Von Schirach - March Of The Dead Instrumental
DJ Skull Vomit - Swamp Bitch
KMFDM - Rabblerouser [edit]
Bananasloth - Monster (The Meeting Of)
ENDOR - Lord De Seis / Seal Broken
DottiR - Party like it’s 3001 (Instrumental)
Dancu - Colom
Badasswolfshirt - Ouroboros
Vandalaze - Datavision
Marijuana Deathsquads - Tamper Disable Destroy
Surachai - 09 (Ritual)
Signor Benedick the Moor - A2onality
ABDU ALI - Machete Warz
Nero’s Day At Disneyland - Sable Leathery Wings [Cover of t.A.T.u.]
Psychic Rites - Singularity
Mustard Pimp - Zombie Revenge

Thrashhhh, get itttt