Illustrator, Rapper, Producer, Professional Weirdo Freakazoid.
Portland, OR.

  • Watsup yall?
  • I'm re designing my site and getting myself all put together and set up and stuff.
  • What's something that people wanna see?
  • I have some projects in midn that i'm currently worrking on in tha DaRkZ. but until then, just wanted to see what all you wanted to see if you guys REALLY wanted to see more of something in the near future.
  • SHIRT ORDERS ARE STILL GONNA BE SENT OUT. VRRY SOON. early next week im going to get them from philly, they will be sent out by upcoming thursday. new music videos that i'm working on are coming out. not for me, but for some msucians that I think are kool. Kroy Club and Dirty Pharmacudicals. so you can expect that soon. hte Kroy Club video is already done, just needs some minor tweaks. the Dirty Pharmacudicals video is not done, so i wanna do some tutorials on how I'm gonna finish it and upload the tuts to youtube so you can see how i do stuffz.